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Hock Wine Bottles

The distinctive shape of these bottles is typified by being tall and slender, with no sharp break where the body merges into the neck.

The diameter of these bottles gradually and gracefully diminishes from a point at or just beyond 1/3 of the height from the heel to almost the finish base. This particular shape was - and still is - referred to as a "hock" or Rhine wine.

Today this precise shape is synonymous with white wines made throughout the world from an assortment of grapes including Riesling (usually green bottles) and Gewurztraminer (usually amber/antique green bottles).

Please click on an image below to view the specs and download a PDF.

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A3000 HockA3002 HockA3003 Lightweight Stretch Hock BottleA3004 HockA2005 Hock Ice

Please click on an image to view the specs and download a PDF.