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Sparkling + Champagne Bottles

Sparkling wine or champagne was almost exclusively bottled in one specific type bottle with few changes in the basic shape over the past two centuries.

Even though the term "champagne" is specific to sparkling wines produced by that region of France, the term is used here generically for this shape of bottle since it is so commonly used.

Champagne bottles are very similar to the Burgundy wine style except that champagne bottles are typically wider in the body and made with heavier glass to withstand the internal pressures of carbonation.

Champagne bases usually have deep punts/push-up's.

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A2020 SparklingTA2000 Sparkling A2023 Sparkling Wine Bottle DB4003B Champagne Sparkling Wine Bottle Green D4008B Sparkling Champagne Bottle SG2013B Sparkling Champagne Bottle SG2021B Sparkling Champagne Bottle

Please click on an image to view the specs and download a PDF.