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Bordeaux Bottles

The distinctive shape of the Bordeaux type bottle dates back to the 1840s and continues to be used today for many types of red wines as well as a few white wines.

The Bordeaux bottle has been typically used to bottle Bordeaux region wines which include Cabernet Sauvignon, Claret, Merlot, Malbec and most Meritage or Bordeaux blends.

These bottles typically are tall with moderately steep shoulders and almost vertically parallel sides.

Some of the bottles may have a taper from the shoulder to the heel.

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Bordeaux (Cork)

A1004 BordeauxA1008 BordeauxA1010 Bordeaux A1030 Bordeaux Stelvin Clear A1034 Bordeaux  A1037 Bordeaux Wine Bottle Cork  Bordeaux Bottle Tall Taper A1045  D1002 Bordeaux Cork Flint D1007 Bordeaux Cork Flint  

Bordeaux (Stelvin)

A1024 BordeauxA1027 Bordeaux Stelvin, Antique GreenA1028 BordeauxA1032 BordeauxA1033 BordeauxA1038 BordeauxA1039 Bordeaux D1001 BordeauxTK1002 Bordeaux

Please click on an image to view the specs and download a PDF.